Jubilee balance (1 of 31)

I have been telling friends and co-workers that this is my jubilee year.  Most people get the allusion and are happy for me.  In Jewish tradition, Jubilee is the celebratory ending of a seven-year cycle of servitude.  I use the term to mean a year of freedom from stress after several years of high pressure.

For me, Jubilee has brought with it amazing grounded-ness and lightness.   The paradox of balance.

I am a dancer of Argentine tango.  Along with my work-place jubilee, I have been blessed with a tango jubilee as well.  Months of moving sluggishly and feeling “heavy” have given way to a euphoric lightness of movement, anchored with solidity emanating from my core.

Jubilee means that I am grounded.  Jubilee means that I am alight and uncluttered of mind.  Clear thinking.  Clear moving.  Renewed.  On my toes. Expectant.  Balanced.


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