Unobstructed view (5 of 31)

How things get in the way of my vision and how I need blank surfaces for focus

11:30 am

I am going to spend the afternoon creating empty and cleared spaces–my inspiration for this blog.

Today’s metaphor needs the experience of the rest of the day….  If you are reading this, thank you.  But please come back later and read the version that has been clarified.  Later today, I will offer you an unobstructed view of this metaphor.

7:30 pm

Sometimes on Saturdays I go to my classroom for a couple of hours so that I can be inspired to inspire learning in my students.  Today’s mission: hang up a series of posters (i.e., Bloom’s Taxonomy-levels of thinking) that will be reference for the many high-level questioning and interpretation that we do in my classroom.  These custom-made posters reiterate information that my students took notes during week 2 of school.  The fact that said posters had taken up a variety of prime-horizontal real space in my classroom was bugging me.  Now, the posters are off the counters and affixed to ceiling tiles.  I will probably get a note from the fire marshal for the dangling signs.  If that happens, I will ask for forgiveness and come up with another way to keep these posters flying around my room.

Another task was to put my “ex-libris” labels inside books I recently purchased for my classroom library.  It felt good to clear out the trunk of my car and place the books on shelves.  I am pleased to share that my students actually browse and choose books from my classroom collection.

My final afternoon jaunt took me to a nearby neighborhood known for its fine variety of good eats and one-of-a-kind shopping and sidewalk kitsch.  After a leisurely lunch, I cleared my mind by enjoying the low-key bustle and cool, moist breeze.  (Yes, I am still in Texas!)

Even though I started my day with an unimpressive pumpkin-flavored beverage from a cliche-coffee shop, I am thrilled to share that I was able to see clearly by early evening.  Clearing clutter from counter tops, putting well-loved books in their proper place, and walking around without any errand in mind have accomplished what I hoped.  I now have mental space to enjoy for awhile.

When I put things where they belong, it is as if I am putting my brain back in order.  Only then can I see how orderly my life was meant to run.

7 thoughts on “Unobstructed view (5 of 31)

  1. I think this is my favorite metaphor yet. Probably because I can relate. Could you please come help me put things in place so I too can have mental space to enjoy? (Lot’s of leftovers from the estate sale to put away, but not in the parlor) 😉

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