Oops (6 of 31)

Sunday came.  Sunday went.  I was reveling in my beautiful weekend, and I forgot to post on Sunday.  I apologize to myself.  I am really enjoying this daily writing, and I cannot believe I forgot!

I would apologize to my subscribers, but I’m not super-confident that they (one? two?) noticed or cared.   If you are in that rare number of tanguera beth followers, then, I’m sorry.

A few days ago, I made a silly grammar error, and since it was a topic we had just reviewed, I was sure all my students were stunned into speechlessness by my gaff.  So, I apologized.  One of my many sweet 8th graders assured me, “Miss, it’s okay.  Everyone is allowed one mistake.”

I replied, “Yikes.  I’ve used mine up then?”

He continued, “Miss… You get three.  Every day.”

Bless him.  And bless my soul, even this “Oops” has a metaphorical lesson:  It is okay to forget stuff sometimes.  Living and thriving often means forgetting a little thing from time to time.

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