Hat trick (11 of 31)

A hat trick exists when three positive wins are achieved.  The term is most widely used in the context of sports (i.e., three consecutive Tour de France wins for Lance Armstrong).

The term can be applied to any triad of wins.  For example, a Tango hat trick is being able to go to three exciting milongas (tango dances) in a week.  My teacher hat trick for the day was ending three classes today with laughter and good will among all. (Ha-ha-ha!) I anticipate reading three intriguing novels this weekend… a literary hat trick.

The winner for the most awesome hat trick has to be the three-day weekend! I am free to be a regular person all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and all day Monday.  Win. Win. Win.

I do believe there’s more to be said about hats in general.  For now, I doff my hat to you with best wishes for a refreshing night’s sleep.

PhillipMartin hats(Image used according to owner’s acceptable use requirements)

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