Shoes (15 of 31)


Even as a baby, my shoe habits were obvious.

1.  I have good taste in shoes, the first ones, of course, picked out by my mother, who also has impeccable taste in shoes.   I wonder if my big sister helped pick out these shoes?

2.  I wear my shoes vigorously.  My favorite shoes are all marked by scuffs and love.

3.  I keep the same shoes for years.

My baby shoes

My baby shoes

Not to make too much of a metaphor of it, I would say that these shoe truths are generally true of me: I have good taste, I enjoy the things I love, and I tend to not throw away beautiful things.  Now, to take it one step farther, if I may: I have excellent taste in friends, I enjoy people I love, I remain loyal to people in my life.

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