Tango (17 of 31)

Several years ago, I fell in love with Argentine Tango.

Tango is an international culture of mores, expectations, and time-honored traditions.  In other words, a tango dancer can travel to any other city in the world, and finding an Argentine tango event, or milonga, immediately will be among friends who speak the same language.

Some tango dancers try to make tango out to be a mirror of life itself. Inasmuch as my 31 days of writing are about metaphors, I do not elevate tango to the same level as life.  That said, I frequently pick up life lessons while dancing and observing the tangueros (tango dancers) around me.

First and foremost for me, tango presents another way to enjoy life and people.  It is an opportunity to get close to people and to shrug daily cares for a few minutes at a time.

tango moment

October 21, 2013 was the inaugural Tango in the Park in Dallas, TX.  It was a beautiful evening of sharing moments with friends in the beautiful setting of Klyde Warren Park.

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