Incontrovertible fact (29 of 31)

This is one of many incontrovertible facts from the perspective of a middle school kid:

  • Throwing paper wads is always more entertaining than what the teacher wants us to do with the paper.

Corollary to the incontrovertible fact as observed by an unbiased bystander:

  • No matter how many paper wads a kid throws, the experience is always new.
  • No matter how many different paper wads a kid makes, each throw is different.

The teacher’s conclusion to the incontrovertible fact:

  • No matter what a kid says, throwing paper wads is no substitute for doing class work.

Bystander’s and coach’s pronouncement regarding the corollaries:

  • No matter how much time a kid wastes throwing paper wads, he will never perfect any skill he can use in athletics since every paper wad and throw is aerodynamically dissimilar.

The truth that teacher’s must accept:

  • No middle school student will ever understand this incontrovertible fact.

What to do? What to do?  Spend two minutes during class letting all the kids throw paper wads like there is no higher purpose for said paper.

It's not a plane...

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