True Story Tuesday

Master Chef Junior.  Molecular Gastrologist.  7th Grader.

One of my 7th grade students aspires to be a chef specializing in Turkish/Southern fusion food.  Or a Molecular Gastrologist–in which case, his foods will look more like science experiments and appeal to geeky young scientists. (ApPETRIzer anyone?)  This young man auditioned for Master Chef Junior in January.  Last year, he created a prototype for a water filtration/irrigation machine.  This guy is passionate, expressive, and curious.  He is an artist, an actor, a comedian, a thinker, a reader, and a scholar.  I am proud to be his teacher.  It is humbling to think that I cannot teach him much because he is an autodidact.  Yet it is an honor to teach and mentor him and hope I can help steer him towards his stellar future.

Master Chef Junior Open info link


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