Wednesday Word – Apricity


I serendipitously encountered this word today as I sat on my couch in a dimly lit room while wearing apricot-colored, warm fuzzy socks and a comfortable hoodie sweatshirt.  It was a well-met word because recently I and many others yearn for a moment of apricity.  That is, we pine for a glimpse of warming sunlight in the midst of this relentless and tenacious winter.

Apricity is an “unused word” signifying the warmth of the sun during winter.

The link above echos some of the thoughts I was having about the word.  For example, I thought of apricots as a possible root twin, but the morphology of the words is quite different.  Even so, wouldn’t it be nice to savor a sun-warmed apricot while apricitating?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Word – Apricity

  1. Did you mean for your link to go to the MasterChef Junior link? I would appreciate some Apricity in my life. We do have a little sunshine today and a little warming of the temp. I am so over winter this year. Also, my spell check didn’t like Apricity – it gave me Apricot as a suggestion. A nice juicy apricot would taste good. Do you remember the mint and apricot (foot in) pajamas we got for Christmas one year? I thought of those when you mentioned your apricot colored fuzzy socks. Thanks for teaching me something new today. I’ll add it to my list of what I learned in March, so I can link up with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky. You’d probably enjoy her What I learned link-ups.

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