True Story Tuesday – Really?

Media connoisseurship…  Learn to censor.

I am on a work break.  (Yeah!)  Today, I took turns being productive and efficient along with being a social network browser.  It is unbelievable to me what some of my friends will post.  Yet, this is “true story Tuesday.” 

1.  Someone posted that a certain president was “hilarious” on a certain show with a couple of plants on the set.  Oh my.  If that is funny, then I have completely lost my sense of humor.  The real true story is probably that I am a highly-intelligent person whose sense of humor is complex enough to wilt those two ferns.  Yes, those ferns need to die. Ergo, no more banal, unimaginative drivel from that venue. 

2. A couple of friends enthusiastically re-posted a news story about a faulty boiler incident in Berlin that caused a 200-million year old dinosaur egg to hatch.  How cool is that!!! Wow!!!  The true story here is not about the well-preserved dinosaur egg, but that educated people, with post-grad degrees in the sciences posted it as the serious news story of the hour.  

Oops.  This is sounding like a rant.  Okay, so who hasn’t laughed at non-funny material? (I have.) And who hasn’t believed an outrageous story before checking with Snopes?  (Guilty.)   So, I am not judging my friends who posted these things.

The true story I am lamenting is that we as a society are too-quickly ready and willing to digest what media throws at us–much like monkeys catching peanuts in their gullets because it is entertaining to someone else.


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