Wednesday Word – Runner

Runner.  A runner I am not. has 26 definitions of “runner.”  I am none of them.  Yet today, I unaccountably felt the urge to run as I was sliding into my car.  It was about 5:44 pm.  Early release for a teacher.

Thirty minutes later, I was dressed in running shoes and headed to my neighborhood park.  I ran for less than 1/4 mile.  Actually, it wasn’t so much running, as jogging.  Not even jogging.  I would describe my movement as a jaunty but nearly indiscernible bouncing forward while changing my weight from one leg to the other while pumping my arms energetically.

I’m not sorry I put on running shoes, even though what I did in them can hardly be described as running.  It was a beautiful afternoon in the park!  So many friendly faces.  So many walkers/joggers with the same intention as I: to get a little more fit.

I hope I do it again tomorrow, that movement psuedo-running, that is.


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