Thursday Theme – Clean Water

Clean water is a priceless gift.


I watched a TED video of Michael Pritchard demonstrating how his water filtration bottle works to purify even the nastiest water. This video reminded me of my church’s involvement with Water Is Basic to build wells in Sudan. A 2012 article and video from my church newsletter explains the problem.

These individuals and organizations have inspired me to be part of the solution also.  In 2010, I participated in the Jailbreak 5K which was partnered with Sower of Seeds, a charitable organization that was raising awareness and funds to provide clean water in third world countries.

With this blog, I am announcing my goal to find 5K runs partnered with clean water charities, hands-on volunteer opportunities, and other tangible ways to contribute to the solution in 2014. Readers, what do you suggest? I am willing to travel to accomplish my mission.



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