12 – Winding path…

Dear October,

I understand exactly what you described in yesterday’s postcard!  It was just six years ago that I took the scenic route around Lake Tahoe.  Driving around the hairpin curves was not enough.  I needed to get out of the car and bask in the beauty of October, to smell and feel. I cannot describe the splash of peace that wrapped around me as I walked on the footpath.

How does this photo speak to you?  Please, CAPTION THIS PHOTO.

Winding road to Lake Tahoe

This is day 12 of a 31 day series that my sister and I are working on together.  

Click image below to go to the her series home page, which contains links to all our posts for Write 31 Days.


Click the image below to see my responses to my sister’s “Post Cards from October” series.

scenic route

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