I am Beth.

“(More information to come soon)” I wrote when I started this page.

Twenty-seven days later, I don’t feel inclined to add many more words.   My posts from October 2013 represent my first days of blogging.  These “31 Days” posts are all metaphorical and therefore provide glimpses into the way I see the world I have met.  If you want to know more, come back often or leave a question for me.

An essential word about copyright and intellectual property:

The writing and photographs on this blog are created and owned by me (or used with express permission from the creator).   If you wish to use any material from my blog, please send me a written request.  I will respond to all such requests in a timely manner and provide you with citation information.  I do not re-blog another’s work, but if  I refer to bogs other than my own, I will embed a link so you can look at the original context.  I provide source information if I use images that are not mine.   All material is subject to copyright laws and fair use guidelines.




10 thoughts on “About

  1. Bonjour Beth

    Lovely words and pictures on your original and happy blog; We like it a lot and will be visiting often. Thank you for looking at my stuff and the fact that you want to know more about this shot means, for me, that the photograph has succeeded. It is the newly renovated Lock-keepers house on the banks of the canal where it merges with the River Garonne; Ecluse is french for lock.



  2. So you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers Beth…. That makes me a happy blogger now – I really appreciate you making that special mouse click.

    Hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too.

    If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, just let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input 🙂

    Have a great old day…


  3. You have a great blog! And you’re a middle school teacher; that’s quite a calling. I could only manage teaching middle schoolers for three years. High school and the occasional college class are my forte. Thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    • I took it while flying back to Texas after spending some time with my parents. I was feeling melancholy about leaving them after such a short visit, but the sunset caught my eye and distracted me into a sunnier disposition.

      Thanks for following my blog! I plan to write more, but 11 weeks into the school year, I’m feeling swamped! Maybe a photo or two from time to time!

  4. Hi Beth Thanks for joining the Up Down challenge. I like the image of you pointing up and down, it’s good to get such variety of interpretation in the challenge. Your link doesn’t point to the actual post though and I can’t find the image again on your blog. If you have time to give me the actual post URL that will mean I can include your picture on Pinterest too. In the meantime, keep up the good blogging! And I hope to see you in the challenge again soon! Debbie

    • Hi, Debbie. I am smart. Really. But I am having a really tough time figuring out the fine skills of WordPress blogging. Obviously, since I am just now (almost 3 months later!) replying to your comment. I think the pointing picture is one I used for my 31 Days (October) button also. I have been inundated with school duties since January, so I’ve not been able to enjoy as much me time on WordPress. I hope to check in on a daily basis. My new goal is to participate in one photo challenge each week. I will be visiting your page soon to see what’s new. 🙂

      I’m sorry I didn’t figure out how to link my post to your page. I promise I will learn! Cheers!

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