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The crayon box that is La Boca, Buenos Aires, Arg.

Seeing the neighborhood with my own eyes was believing that the colorful facades were not simply a set for the street tango performers.

Seeing the neighborhood in the context of Buenos Aires, I conclude that it is indeed a backdrop, the stage presented to tourists.  It seems that we only photograph the colorful, happy buildings when we go to this part of town.  The cacophony of colors draws the eyes.  The tango rhythm reverberates along the cafe patios.


A tango singer brings Carlos Gardel to life every time he sings his show.


After a leisurely lunch, we head to the collectivos, our backs to the colorful facades,  walking away from “Caminito Havanna.”


The authentic pulse of the barrio feels ordinary, beautiful.

IMG_0113 It is then that I finally see the real la boca reflected back to me.