Un-fallow mind (26 of 31)

Today my students were trying to understand their vocabulary word, “fallow.”  Amaria wrote, “I am like a field, but I am not fallow.”  I must have wrinkled my nose a little, because she busied herself to fix her sentence.  A few minutes later, she read, “Like a garden, flowers bloom like ideas in my head.  I do not have a fallow mind.”

And there it is.  She had poetically stated a universal idea, a poetic metaphor, a truth about herself.  Amaria is indeed a young lady who seeks cultivation.

The talk about “fallow” in my classroom reminded me of my gardening attempts at home last year.  My yard has a dead hole where an oak tree was felled several years ago.  My yard caregivers and I have tried various methods to sod the fallow circle, yet nothing ever seems to grow.  Until I developed a plan…

1. Buy a few basics.


2. Plant tomatoes in my front yard.


3. Eat salads frequently.


For one long growing season, I enjoyed the fruits of determination.  I worked hard for the tomato harvest. Isn’t that the way it usually pans out:  Hard work and discipline bring rewards.  Lack of thinking leads to mental atrophy.  Thankfully, like Amaria, I am a person of an un-fallow mind.

(All photos: Irving, TX, USA. 22 April 2012 by MBT)