With an Eye to See: Images and Imaginings

This is the page where I will post my responses to some of the fun, thoughtful, quirky, and artistic photo challenges that other bloggers promote.  If any of my photographs inspire you to look at the world with an eye to see, then this page has served a purpose loftier than I intended.

Enjoy the pictures!

Here are the links to photo challenge bloggers to which I have responded:

Daily Press – Photo Challenges

Cee’s Photography – My Life in Photographs

Weekly Travel Themes

Look Up, Look Down

A Lingering Look at Windows

A Word a Week – A word in your ear


My posts:

Old Cobweb on a Crypt – One

Worship – Habit

Two Windows – Two

Fruits and Flowers – Layers #1)

Pike Place Fish Market – Layers (#2)

Intricacies, Cathedral Basilica – Layers (#3)

Intersection – Travel Theme: Sky

Three Street Lamps – Three

Laundry Day – Five or more

Tango Shadows – Reflections and Shadows

Rough and Tumble – Letters

Iglesia Corazon de Maria – b&w building

Adrift and Abandoned – Abandoned

Casa rosada en La Boca – Pink travel

Life lines in bonbons – Patterns


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